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.Telnic changes will nuke existing .Tel sites

Source: Owners of .tel domains will need to recreate their “sites” when new service is launched. As I reported back in October, .Tel registry Telnic is removing restrictions on how the domains are used and hosted. Currently, .Tel domain…

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.Sucks domain to drop its price 99% in January

Source: Brand owners, beware. The .sucks top level domain name has been slow to take off, rendering its alleged “extortion” strategy wounded. But this might change next month. .Sucks registry Vox Populi will begin a rebate program in January…

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Nicole Henderson on Hosting – DNW Podcast #114

Source: Understanding the webhosting business and GoDaddy’s $1.8 billion acquisition. The domain name and webhosting businesses are tightly intertwined. This week, TheWHIR editor-in-chief Nicole Henderson comes on the show to talk about GoDaddy’s acquisition of Host Europe Group, explain…

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