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CNNIC files more blockchain domain patent applications

Patent applications describe blockchain-based DNS and abuse monitoring.

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The China Internet Network Information Center (CNNIC) has filed two additional patents around using blockchain in the domain name system, in addition to one I wrote about earlier this year.

Application 17/252669 (pdf) is titled “Blockchain-Based Method and System for Handling Domain Name Abuse”.  It explains a system for using blockchain for DNS abuse management:

Provided in the embodiments of the present disclosure are a blockchain-based method and system for handling domain name abuse. All network nodes in a public blockchain can report domain name abuse, and all network nodes receiving reported data are entitled to participate in the process of judging whether domain name abuse exists in the reported data. The public blockchain obtains a target judgment result of whether domain name abuse exists by means of integrating first judgment results of multiple identification nodes on whether domain name abuse exists in the reported data and credit value of each identification node. Alternatively, when the number of identification nodes in the public blockchain is less than a preset number of nodes, a consortium blockchain composed of regulatory agencies directly judges whether domain name abuse exists in the reported data, and the judgment result serves as the target judgment result. Since the target judgment result is obtained through joint determination of nodes in the public blockchain or the consortium blockchain, the judgment result is not interfered by personal factors, with high accuracy and credibility, and thus the reported data is timely processed.

Application 17/252672 (pdf) is for “Blockchain Hybrid Consensus-Based System for Maintaining Domain Name Information”. This application is similar to its previous one for a blockchain-based DNS:

Provided in the embodiments of the present application is a blockchain hybrid consensus-based system for maintaining domain name information. A gTLD blockchain is formed by first network nodes where international generic top-level domain registries are located, and a ccTLD blockchain is formed by second network nodes where various countries codes top-level domain registries are located. In each blockchain, various network nodes of the blockchain participate in the domain name information update process, so that the domain name information update process will not be affected by a mistake or an attack on one network node. Compared to centralized maintenance methods, this decentralized maintenance method is more secure and is beneficial to maintaining the stability of the system. International generic domain name information maintenance and country code domain name information maintenance are performed separately, and thus differences in information maintenance between local domain names and generic domain names are adapted and the efficiency of information maintenance is improved. In addition, domain name information is prevented from being maliciously tampered by means of blockchain technology and thus a reliable data source is provided for update of domain names.

Both applications claim priority based on previously-filed Chinese patent applications.



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Author: Andrew Allemann

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