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WebLegal advice clients in all stages of the life cycle of the brand, including the choice of its verbal and graphic components; the filing, prosecution and enforcement of the trademark and its various functions, with a particular attention to the Internet usability and international aspects.

Since July 2011, the opposition proceedings before the Italian patents and trademarks office was introduced in Italy to prevent the registration of trademarks by third parties in conflict with earlier rights.

The international protection of trade mark rights (especially on the Internet ) is one of WebLegal’s main areas of specialization, whose services comprehend:

Before the filing:

  • Check on the distinctive character and other essential requirements of the sign;
  • Anteriority searches;
  • Internet usability.


  • Filing of the Trademark application before national (UIBM), community (OAMI) and international (WIPO) offices;
  • Domain name and brand management on the Internet;
  • Administrative procedures before the relevant Office (refusal/objections/oppositions).

After the registration:

  • Surveillance;
  • Absolute/Relative grounds of nullity actions;
  • Revocation for lack of use actions;
  • Enforcement and litigation; customs protection; anticounterfeiting;
  • Legal counsel on licensing and other agreements.

Active/passive defence

  • WebLegal provides assistance in the administrative and judicial enforcement of IPRs.

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Recent activities


On December 20th, 2018 the sole Panelist Willem J. H. Leppnick, appointed by WIPO Arbitration and Mediation Center, ruled in favor of a domain name owner Stark S.r.l.s. (the Complainant) represented by WebLegal Studio Legale Associato, victim of a domain name theft in respect of “” and “”. The Respondent’s conduct can be assimilated to… trading in generic domain names is a legitimate business activity.

WebLegal successfully represented domain owner in a dispute before the Italian Dispute Resolution Provider Tonucci & Partners. On 15 august 2017, the Panelist Avv. Emanuele Cammareri, appointed before the Disputed Resolution Provider Tonucci&Partners, ruled in favor of domain name trading as a legitimate business, dismissing the Complainant’s allegation of cybersquatting. The purely generic nature of the…


OHIM Opposition Division – entirely rejected – Decisione

Il nome a dominio: oltre il marchio?

Con la sentenza del 26 febbraio 2002 del tribunale di Napoli, il nome a dominio è stato ufficialmente ricompreso tra i segni distintivi atipici e quindi nella famiglia dei diritti di proprietà intellettuale; esso potrà beneficiare dunque della protezione ex art. 2958 c.c. in materia di concorrenza sleale. Leggi l’Articolo

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