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How selling cheap domains ruins your TLD for all users

Selling cheap domains leads to a bunch of abuse.

If you’re going to essentially give away domain names in your top level domain name in order to create an impression of great demand, then you’re killing the extension for legitimate users.

Here’s what @SwiftOnSecurity wrote this week:

Currently have a worldwide blacklist on any emails sent from .top or .stream.
It’s really incredible, .top is the worst TLD I’ve ever seen.

— SwiftOnSecurity (@SwiftOnSecurity) April 12, 2017

I’m not kidding, .top is so bad that I setup an alert on any email that includes “.top” in it. It’s 100% spam. Not a single legitimate use.

— SwiftOnSecurity (@SwiftOnSecurity) April 12, 2017

I’m not sure what ICANN is doing, but .top is so bad that the friggen registrar is blacklisted in our Palo Alto when I try to go there.

— SwiftOnSecurity (@SwiftOnSecurity) April 12, 2017

Screw it I’m just sending everything .top to the quarantine. Even phishers don’t use .top its reputation is such shit.

— SwiftOnSecurity (@SwiftOnSecurity) April 12, 2017

This shouldn’t come as much of a surprise. Even the .top registry itself scraped whois to send out spam when it launched the domain name. It also faked that some of its domains were sold in an auction when they weren’t.

There’s a lesson in this for people that want to launch a real website: Don’t go with a dirt cheap domain. You could get thrown in with a bunch of bad apples.

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Author: Andrew Allemann

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