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MMX to connect .luxe with Ethereum Name Service

New domain will work with wallet-identifier service.

New top level domain name company Minds + Machines (MMX) announced today that it will connect its forthcoming .luxe top level domain with Ethereum Name Service.

Ethereum Name Service (ENS) is a sort of “domain names for ethereum asset addresses” system. The idea is somewhat similar to how domain names are easier to remember than IP addresses. Likewise, names are easier to remember for wallet addresses than a long chain of random characters.

ENS has offered people the opportunity to get .eth “domain names” that work for sending funds between wallets. These aren’t official domain names that you can type into a typical browser. (More about these names here.)

The partnership will allow people to get an ICANN-accredited domain name that works with ENS:

The biggest benefit I can see to owning a .luxe domain instead of .eth is the process of registering one. Ethereum Name Service has a needlessly complicated process for acquiring a .eth domain. It’s a multi-step type of auction.

Whether or not ENS ultimately proves successful is still up in the air. People have pumped about $30 million worth of ether into .eth domains, but there’s a catch: .eth domain buyers are allowed to trade in the domain and get their ether back after one year.

As for MMX deciding to use .luxe in this way, I say “why not?” .Luxe wasn’t going to be a home run domain being introduced in 2018. I give it points for creativity and innovation.

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Author: Andrew Allemann

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