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The Chinese trademark domain name scam in its entirety

An email-by-email look at this common scam.

By now you are probably familiar with the trademark domain name scam. A company sends an email informing you that someone is trying to register domain names containing your trademark (or matching your existing domain). The scammer’s goal is to get you to pay them to register the domain names.

It’s one of the oldest domain name scams in the books. And it works. That’s why it continues to this day.

I recently received another one of these scam emails. I played along rather than delete it so that I could share the entirety here.

Email 1:

from Jerry Chan

Dear Sir or Madam,

This is a letter regarding the authorization of domain and brand names of your company, please take it seriously. We are a Chinese registrar for domain and brand names. The registration request has been received by our company from SIQL Global Ltd applying to register brainstormlabs as their brand name and some top-level domain names(.CN .HK etc). We found the main body of those names is the same as yours after our initial checking.

We are handling the request and needing to confirm whether or not your company authorizes the 3rd party company to register them ASAP. Please let me know your opinions so as to solve it promptly. Looking forward to your reply.

Best Regards,
Jerry Chan
Tel:0086.(0)551.63491 193
Fax:0086.(0)551.63491 192
No.2 Building,Wanda Square,WuHu Road,Hefei China

My Response:

I do not authorize this

Email 2:

Dear Andrew,

Thanks for your letter. Following domains and brand name are applied by that company:
Brand Name:
Domain Names:
You shall know that the domain names registration is open-wide, so that company also has the right to apply for those available domain names. In accordance with dispute domain registration principle,your company has the preferential rights to register them and that is why we informed you this case in advance.
At present, we haven’t passed their application because we need your opinion. If your company considers these names are of importance to your business or interest, I suggest that your company registers these names in prior so as to avoid confusion or speculation. Of course, If you don’t think their application would affect your company in the future, then my suggestion is that you can give up these names and let us finish the registration for them as our duty performs. Please give me your company’s decision as soon as possible in order to let us handle this issue properly.

Best Regards,
Jerry Chan

My Response:

I do not approve of them registering these names.

Email #3:

Dear Andrew,

Thanks for your reply. Based on the principle of domain names’registration, all the available domain names can be registered by everyone,including that company.We have known that you had already used the, so we are keeping those domain names for your company. However, we can not promise you that that company will not go through other channels to register those names.If those domain names are very important to your company, please contact us in time and cooperate with us as well as carry out the dispute works promptly.If you want to register and protect those names, we need your company to fill out an Application Form and put on record. Please confirm whether you need to register through us. If yes, we will send you application form and registration procedures. Looking forward to your prompt confirmation.

Best Regards,
Jerry Chan

My Response:

Do I have to register them through you or can I register them somewhere else?

Email #4:

Dear Andrew,

Now we are dealing this dispute registration case, you can only register them through us. Please confirm whether you need to register through us, if yes we will send you application form and registration procedures. If not, we wil complete the registration for that company. Waiting for your quick reply.

Best Regards,
Jerry Chan

My Response:

Please send the form.

Email #5:

Dear Andrew,

Thanks for your prompt reply. Of course, Register by yourself is the best way to protect the intellectual property rights. Following is the procedure, you can do follow it.

1. Please fill out the form and return it via email(scaned) or fax.
2. We will dispute the domain name for your company, In the meantime, we will send the Invoice signed & stamped to you.
3. Please remit the payment to us according to the bank information on the Invoice and send the payment proof to us.
4. We will register the domain name for you within 2 workdays after receiving the remittance.
5. You will be awarded the certificates of Brand name after complete the registration.

Following is price list, for your reference: 35 USD /per year 35 USD /per year 35 USD /per year 65 USD /per year 65 USD /per year 65 USD /per year 65 USD /per year 65 USD /per year 65 USD /per year 65 USD /per year 65 USD /per year
Brand Name:

The Dispute Application Form is attached, pls check it. Time is limited. Please fill the form and return it to us ASAP if you have no questions, we will help you to dispute and register the domain name as per the information you fill in the form. Thank you for your cooperation.

Best Regards,
Jerry Chan

(here’s the attached form)

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Author: Andrew Allemann

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