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.Blog goes with a traditional landrush


Want a great .blog domain? Apply now and prepare for an auction.

dot-blogAutomattic, the company behind that is launching .blog, is going with a traditional landrush format rather than the recently-popularized “early access” model for new top level domain name launches.

The landrush period runs through the afternoon of November 9. Between now and then, people who want first dibs on .blog domain names can place a landrush order at a registrar. Most registrars seem to be charging around $200.

If more than one person applies for the same .blog domain name during landrush, the domain will proceed to an auction at Sedo.

Other than a shorter-than-usual landrush period, .Blog’s landrush is essentially the model that had been used for years for domain launches before new top level domain names came out.

New top level domain name company Donuts popularized another model called Early Access that is essentially a Dutch auction. In Early Access domain names start at a very high price on the first day (usually $10,000 or more) and then drop in price, typically daily for five days. The last day of Early Access is typically around $150-$200 retail at registrars, depending on the registrar and the top level domain name.

The Early Access model makes sense for most top level domain names. People prefer to “buy now” rather than deal with auctions, and the psychology of a Dutch auction gets them to pay more for fear of losing the domain name even if no one else is interested.

However, the traditional landrush application model can work with proper promotion and for the right top level domain name.

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