Determinazione direttoriale prot.30354 del 4 maggio 2018. Obbligo di installazione di sistemi di misurazione dei carburanti riforniti dal 1°aprile 2019. Specifiche tecniche dei misuratori e disposizioni per le bettoline

Accise - Circolari Fonte: Author: Agenzia dogane e Monopoli

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Transition At IP-Watch: A New Path Forward

Dear Readers, After 15 years of original, independent, thoughtful, and timely reporting on global policymaking from the inside, Intellectual Property Watch (IP-Watch) is announcing today a pause on reporting services as it embarks on a transition phase to devise new…

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Did Zoom Pay $2 Million For

Did Zoom pay $2 million for

A clue in Zoom’s IPO filing hints at purchase price. Late last year video conferencing company Zoom acquired the domain name A new clue suggests that the company might have paid $2 million to acquire the domain name.…

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