End user domain name sales including new TLDs and the ACLU

Lots of new TLDs sold this past week, plus the ACLU bought a .org for a new initiative to fight Trump’s policies.

The top sale at Sedo this past week was a new top level domain, Bitcoin.casino for $26,000. It wasn’t the only new TLD to hit Sedo’s list, either. I suspect some of the other sales were to end users but I can’t confirm them yet, so they aren’t charted below. Nonetheless, all of these domains sold: Weed.blog ($7,877, Michael Berkens is the seller), Bitcoin.blog ($5,555), 360.world ($3,400), Organic.plus ($3,000), Saints.cloud ($2,200) and Forex.blog ($2,159).

It’s unusual to see more than one or two new TLDs on Sedo’s list, so this is impressive.

Of course, it wasn’t just new TLDs that sold last week. The ACLU bought PeoplePower.org for a new initiative, Australian Postal bought a .cn domain and a couple companies bought .com’s to match their ccTLDs.

Here’s the list of end user domain name sales:

(You can view previous lists like this here.)

Bitcoin.casino $28,000 – Casino Holding Inc created a site to show casinos that accept bitcoin payments.

NatureLab.com $22,000 – This domain is still in escrow but the price is one that would only be paid by an end user. There are plenty of possibile buyers evident if you google “Nature Lab.”

Kizen.com $15,000 – The buyer is a Florida company called Scientific Marketing Group. On its website it states “SMG Is No Longer Taking New Clients. However, we’re hard at work on a new app we believe will revolutionize the way you market and grow your business.” Hmm, could that app be called Kizen?

Ulrich.de €11,000 – The Whois shows an intellectual property protection group but the domain forwards to a sports car dealer in Frankfurt called Autohaus Ulrich GmbH.

PeoplePower.org $10,000 – The American Civil Liberties Union bought this domain for People Power, the ACLU’s “new effort to engage grassroots volunteers across the country and take the fight against Donald Trump’s policies not just into the courts, but into the streets.”

Remise.com €6,500 – Classic Remise is a unique classic car village in Berlin. It currently uses the domain Remise.de.

MobileGuides.com $5,000 – Concepts Group in San Francisco. As best I can tell this company runs a business called TravelSite.com. Oddly, TravelSite.com forwards to a Facebook page.

ForHelp.com and 4Help.com $5,000 each – These domains have whois privacy, but someone clearly has plans to launch a site and was smart enough to buy both the ‘for’ and ‘4’ version. HugeDomains owns FourHelp.com.

Amotek.com $5,000 – Amotek is a member company of OPTIMA packaging group in Germany.

RelateIT.com $4,995 – Dynateam is an IT group in Denmark. A splash page at RelateIT.com says it’s coming soon.

FluidLogic.com $4,500 – The registrant is a partner at an intellectual property law firm in California.

WantThatTrend.co.uk $4,500 – Want That Trend Limited is a UK clothing store that apparently takes all of its product photos in a mirror. It uses the matching .com domain name.

Polypal.com €4,500 – There’s a UK company that sells retail display/storage solutions at Polypal.co.uk. The buyer here, though, owns the domain name StorageDirect.co.uk and might be a competitor. It could also be a dealer.

Sunf.com $3,700 – I’m a bit confused about this one. The buyer is TTRC Inc, which manufacturers tires and rims.

AusPost.com.cn $2,999 – Australian Postal Corporation must be Australia’s official postal service. One of my readers down under can confirm.

Phil.me $2,675 – a guy named Phil.

X-ion.com $2,500 – x-ion GmbH still has a dash, but at least it now has the .com to go with its .de.

ArtFamily.com $2,300 – This is a group that claims to help people talented at the arts become successful.

HIPA.org $2,200 – Consumer Specialty Products Association, an advocacy group that supports consumer products companies. Perhaps this is an acronym for a new consumer protection law. The name is very similar to the healthcare HIPPA laws, though.

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Author: Andrew Allemann

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